[Japan] 2018 Halloween Tsum Tsum Collection

Japan will release a Halloween Tsum Tsum collection on September 1st featuring a Pumpkin Pie set and costumes.

The Pumpkin Pie Tsum Tsum set features a pumpkin pie tower with four mini Tsum Tsums inside. The four Tsum Tsums are Chip (jester), Dale (jester), a ghost, and a pumpkin. It will retail for 4576 JPY (~$40.83).

Four new Tsum Tsum costumes will also release which includes a pumpkin, devil, gray cat, and witch outfit. Each will retail for 540 JPY (~$4.86).

[Japan] Mickey Film Tsum Tsum Collection

Disney Japan will release a series of Mickey plushes from classic Mickey films each month to celebrate 90 years of Mickey. The first set is now available and features Mickey from Steamboat Willie (1928), The Band Concert (1935), and Mickey’s Polo Team (1936).

Next month’s release features designs from Mickey’s Rival (1936), Magician Mickey (1937), and Clock Cleaners (1937), and will release on September 19th.

The rest of the collection will slowly release each month.