[Japan] Mt. Fuji Tsum Tsum Set

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy are preparing to climb the largest peak in Japan in the new Mt. Fuji Tsum Tsum set. The set features Mt. Fuji carrier bag with the characters dressed in blue outfits. The set will be available in Japan on July 7th and will retail for 4950 JPY (~$46.08).

[Japan] Sushi Tsum Tsum Merchandise

The Sushi Tsum Tsum set is accompanied by an assortment of accessories and merchandise. Here are just some of the highlights:

Sushi Tsum Tsum Figure Set

3520 JPY (~$32.78)

Sushi Tsum Tsum Keychain Set

770 JPY (~$7.17)

Sushi Tsum Tsum Cup

1320 JPY (~$12.29)

Sushi Tsum Tsum Soy Sauce Tray

770 JPY (~$7.17)

Sushi Tsum Tsum Chopsticks

1100 JPY (~$10.25)

Sushi Tsum Tsum Socks

550 JPY (~$512)

[Japan] Sushi Tsum Tsum Set

Tsum Tsums originated from Japan, so what better way to showcase the local food than in Tsum Tsum form? Introducing the Sushi Tsum Tsum set! The collection features Mickey, Donald, Chip, Dale, Pluto, Baymax with shrimp, tuna, salmon roe, tamago (sweet egg), and more.

This collection also releases more medium Tsum Tsums including Mickey, Donald, and Baymax.

Sales will  start online on July 1st and will be available in stores starting July 7th.

[Japan] Koinobori Tsum Tsum Set

Celebrate Children’s Day (on May 5th in Japan) with the Koinobori Tsum Tsum set. Koinobori are carp windsock kites that are flown on Children’s Day. The collection includes four characters, Mickey, Donald, Chip, and Dale, in colorful koinobori. The set will be available in Japan on February 25, 2020.

[Japan] Girl’s Day Tsum Tsum Box Set

Disney Japan celebrates the upcoming Girls’ Day (or Dolls’ Day) with the release of a new Tsum Tsum box set. The new set includes Mickey and Minnie and also introduces three characters that are appearing in Tsum Tsum form for the first time, April, May, and June (Daisy’s nieces)!

Girls’ Day is celebrated on March 3rd every year in Japan which generally involves decorating the home with hina dolls to bless the family’s daughter with good health and happiness. The hina dolls are said to represent the emperor, empress, and the attendants which is likely the basis for this Tsum Tsum set as Mickey and Minnie are dressed like an emperor and empress.

The set is now available online and will be available in stores on February 4th.

[Hong Kong] Year of the Rat Tsum Tsum Set

Disney Store in Hong Kong has released it’s own version of the Year of the Rat Tsum Tsum set. This set is similar but different from the Year of the Rat Tsum Tsum set the released in Japan last month. The collection includes Donald (in a blue rat costume), Stitch (new character), Chip, and Dale. The rat outfit in this set has a bigger nose than the Japan counterpart.

Hong Kong version

Japanese version

(credit: @cnd.corner)

[Japan] QUEEN Tsum Tsum Set

A new Tsum Tsum box set is coming to Japan. This might be the most unique Tsum Tsum set ever produced. The set features the legendary band QUEEN. Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon are now in Tsum Tsum form!

The box set will be available online in Japan on January 15th, 2020. It will retail for 3850 JPY (~$35USD).