Introducing… Tsum Tsums!


Disney’s Tsum Tsum originally released in Japan as a mobile game and the plush line was introduced shortly after. Tsum Tsums, which means ‘stack stack’ in Japanese, quickly grew popular in Japan and in 2014 Disney brought the mobile app and the cute plush line to America! Disney has created Tsum Tsum plushes out of many of it’s classic Cartoons, including characters from Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, and more. Some of these characters are only released in Japan, making them hard to find. They are also constantly recreating and adding new characters to the line. These adorable little plush comes in three sizes, mini (3 1/2″), medium (11″), and large (17″), and can stack easily on one another. Kids and adults love them!

MyTsumTsum offers the latest news and release information on the Tsum Tsum plush line and also has a catalog of every single Tsum Tsum that has ever released! Start stacking today!