Preview: Hollywood Tower Hotel Daisy Tsum Tsum

We have a first look at what appears to be a new Disney Parks Tsum Tsum set featuring character designs from Hollywood Tower Hotel (home of the Tower of Terror ride).

Mini Hollywood Tower Hotel Daisy Tsum Tsum

Check out the Hollywood Tower Hotel Tsum Tsum pin set that released late last year for previews of what we can hope to expect:


Sleeping Beauty JP vs. US/EU Comparison

Japan released a Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum collection late last year while the U.S. and Europe released their own set yesterday. Here are comparisons of the fairy godmothers and Princess Aurora Tsum Tsums from both sets. The Japan plush are on the left and the US/EU are on the right.

Fauna JP (left) vs US/EU (right)

Flora JP (left) vs US/EU (right)

Merryweather JP (left) vs US/EU (right)

Princess Aurora JP (left) vs US/EU (right)

(photo cred: Francesco D’Auria)

Next Tsum Tsum Releases

A special micro Star Wars Tsum Tsum set is going to release on May 25th!

The Tangled Before Ever After Series Tsum Tsum collection is scheduled to release for next month’s Tsum Tsum Tsuesdays on June 6!

Correction: The U.S. will release the Tangled: The Series Tsum Tsum set on Monday, June 5th.

Both sets are confirmed to release in the U.S.