How-to Install JP Marvel Tsum Tsum App to Android and iOS

The Marvel Tsum Tsum app released yesterday in Japan for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the app is not available in other countries yet. This tutorial will show you how to download and install the JP Marvel Tsum Tsum app to your Android or iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

Update: Marvel Tsum Tsum is now available in North America. Download it here.

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How-to Install Marvel Tsum Tsum for Android

Marvel Tsum Tsum JP Icon

1. Go to Settings >Security and turn on “Unknown Sources”.

Turn on Unknown Sources - Android

2. Download Marvel Tsum Tsum .APK:

3. Open file and install Marvel Tsum Tsum!

Install Marvel Tsum Tsum - Android


How-to Install Marvel Tsum Tsum for iOS

Marvel Tsum Tsum JP Icon

iOS 9.0+

1. Go to App Store, scroll down, select Apple ID, and sign out.

Sign Out of Apple ID

2. Open Marvel Tsum Tsum link:

3. “Item Not Available” will display. Select “Change Store”.

Change Store - iOS

4. Open Marvel Tsum Tsum link again and press “Get”:

5. Select “Create New Apple ID”.

Create New Apple ID - iOS

6. Select 日本 and hit “Next”.

Select Japan - iOS

7. Agree to the terms and conditions.

Agree to TOS - iOS

8. Enter email, password, security info, date of birth, and hit “Next”.

Enter New Account Information - iOS

7. Select “None” for Billing Address.

Select None for Billing Info - iOS

8. Fill in surname, first name, phonetic last, phonetic first, postal code, prefecture, city, address, and phone. Enter “1600005” for postal code and “Tokyo” for prefecture.

Enter Required Information - iOS

9. Verify your account.

Verified Email Address

10. Open Marvel Tsum Tsum link and download!

Download Marvel Tsum Tsum - iOS

Afterwards, you can sign out of the iTunes account and log back into your main account.

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  • CQReply

    I have two android devices, an old phone that no longer has a sim card and a tablet. Right I am able to place both of my Disney Tsum Tsum games (International and JP) on both devices, though obviously not at the same time, because DTT is connected through LINE. Since Marvel Tsum Tsum is not connected through LINE, how do you connect to a new device is you transfer phones?

  • kftgrReply

    Does the app still work in iOS after signing back into my normal apple id? Also, do updates get installed automatically for both Android and iOS?

    • SamReply

      Yes, you can sign back into your normal Apple ID after you install the app. As for Android, you may need to install the new version every time using the same tutorial but the data will be saved. For iOS, you may need to sign back into the JP account to update.

  • SusanReply

    I have an iPhone and can’t find the security in settings to select unknown sources. Any advice on where to find this?

    • SamReply

      The first set of instructions are for Android devices. Please follow the instructions under the header “How-to Install Marvel Tsum Tsum for iOS”.

  • ReneeReply

    Is there a way to change the language to English once downloaded? I know in the American version of tsum tsum you can change the settings to different languages.

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