Up Close: Minnie’s Day Tsum Tsum Collection

Minnie Mouse didn’t always look like she does today. She’s been through many changes to fit the time. Take a closer look at the Minnie’s Day Tsum Tsum collection, releasing in just a few days in Japan, and see how Minnie looked throughout different eras.

1928 Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum

1930’s Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum

1937 Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum (from a scene in Hawaiian Holiday)

1938 Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum (from a scene in Brave Little Tailor)

1941 Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum (from a scene in The Nifty Nineties)

1946 Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum (from a scene in Bath Day)

1952 Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum

1983 Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum (from a scene in Mickey’s Christmas Carol)

March Tsum Tsum Tsuesday Huge Release (Europe)

Europe is getting a big release on March 7, 2017,  featuring a Bambi, Easter 2017, and Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsum set.

Bambi Tsum Tsum Collection

The collection includes a mini Great Prince, Owl, Thumper, Miss Bunny, Flower, Faline, and Bambi Tsum Tsum. Also, a medium Thumper and Bambi Tsum Tsum.

Easter Tsum Tsum Mystery Box

1 of 4 designs inside each box. Mickey, Minnie, Dumbo, and Donald. Which one will you get?

Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsum Bag Set

The collection features the true forms of Cogsworth, Sultan, Babette, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Chip, Beast, and Belle (blue dress) inside a Sultan (footstool) carry case.


Frontierland Tsum Tsum Collection is Online!

The listings for the Frontierland Tsum Tsum collection is now online at Disney Store. The collection includes Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Big Al, Bonnie Bear, and Goat.

Note: At the time of this posting, it is currently all “sold out”, but it was never actually in stock.

Update: It looks like Disney posted the collection too early. The listings has since been removed.

Direct links:

Frontierland Tsum Tsum Collection

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Minnie’s Day Tsum Tsum Set

In commemoration of Minnie’s Day on March 2nd, Disney Japan will release various Tsum Tsums featuring Minnie Mouse in various short film scenes.

A scene from The Nifty Nineties

A scene from Bath Day

A scene from Mickey’s Christmas Carol

A scene from Brave Little Tailor

A scene from Hawaiian Holiday

Plus, there will be three mini Tsum Tsums of Minnie from various timeframes! The Minnie’s Day Tsum Tsum collection will release on February 26, 2017, in Japan!