Tsum Tsum Plushes Now Available in Mexico

The largest chain of department stores, Liverpool, in Mexico is now an official retailer of Tsum Tsums! This will be the first time Tsum Tsums are officially sold in Mexico. The quality is similar to the plushes sold outside of the Disney Store (Target, Wal-Mart, JCPenney, etc).

Liverpool is already offering some Tsum Tsums not yet available anywhere else. Take a look for yourself:

Mini Expressions Nemo

Medium Bruce

Large Kermit

Medium Taun Taun

Medium Wampa

Medium and Large Miles Morales

Medium and Large Flash

Liverpool is also offering individual Tsum Tsums previously sold in bag sets including:

Mini Baby Dumbo

Mini Clown Dumbo

Mini Mrs. Jumbo

Mini Timothy Mouse

Mini Hoth Luke Skywalker

Mini Hoth Han Solo

Mini Wampa

These are only a few of the Tsum Tsum plushes that Liverpool is offering. Expect these to release in the future at other retailers.

London Toy Fair 2017 Tsum Tsum Preview

The London Toy Fair is underway and Posh Paws (the UK toy manufacturer that produces Tsum Tsums for Clintons) are showcasing their future Tsum Tsum releases. Many of the collections have already released previously by Disney, but we do get a glimpse of a new collection.

Check out this new Beach Tsum Tsum collection featuring Disney characters in swimsuits, scuba gear, and beach outfits.

Beach Tsum Tsum Collection

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Donald Duck

Daisy Duck



Dumbo Tsum Tsum Collection

Pixar Tsum Tsum Collection

Various Medium/Large Tsum Tsums

(photo cred: @tsumtsumfrance)

Mickey and Friends Countries Tsum Tsum Collection Now Available!

The second Tsum Tsum Tsuesdays release for January 2017 is finally here. The Mickey and Friends Countries Tsum Tsum collection and 2017 Valentine’s Day box set is now available online.

Direct links:

Countries Tsum Tsum Collection

Valentine’s Day 2017 Tsum Tsum Box Set

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