May, June, and July 2017 Tsum Tsum Subscription Box *SPOILER*

Continue reading to find out what was inside the past three month’s Tsum Tsum Subscription Box (May, June, and July).

May 2017’s box included characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Inside the box was a small Chewbacca and a mini Maz Tsum Tsum.

June 2017’s box featured a scene from The Little Mermaid. The box included a mini blue dress Ariel (eyes closed) and Prince Eric (eyes closed) Tsum Tsum inside a boat, which is a recreation of the famous “Kiss the Girl” scene.

July 2017’s box included characters from The Emperor’s New Groove. Inside the box was a mini Kuzco – Llama, Yzma, and Kronk Tsum Tsum.

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