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[Europe] Reversible Tsum Tsum Collection

A new reversible Disney Villains Tsum Tsum collection released online today in Europe.

You can turn these mini Tsum Tsums inside out to reveal a new character. Jack Skellington turns into Pumpkin King, Maleficent turns into Maleficent as Dragon, Jafar turns into Jafar as Genie, and The Old Hag turns into The Evil Queen.

(Most of the characters instantly sold-out)

Target Sports Tsum Tsum Collection

Another new Tsum Tsum collection was spotted at Target. The set features Disney characters in athletic gear including Mickey (basketball), Minnie, Donald (soccer), and Marie (volleyball).

Top: Sports / Bottom: Jungle

Top: Jungle / Bottom: Sports

Top: Jungle / Bottom: Sports

DCPI: 204-10-4543

(photo cred: Ken Donato)